Greek summer sailing




Perhaps it is the best island beach, as it has the smallest human intervention. So it is not organized with deck chairs and umbrellas. Its name comes from its round white pebbles, which the locals call Lalaria. Access is possible only by sea with boats making daily excursions as it is not covered by a road network.


Do not be fooled by the name (dirty lake). It is neither dirty nor with stagnant water. It is a very beautiful beach, large, enclosed by greenery, stunning sea (hence the blue flag) and an amazing sunset. Here you will find sun loungers and umbrellas, as there is a restaurant-beach bar at fairly reasonable prices. It is located south of the island.


The beach is automatically connected to the island of Skiathos. Fortunately, because it will surely cover all the expectations of its visitors. Huge beach area (blue flag), with many beach bars, restaurants and pine trees as far as the eye can see. Of course, water sports and extreme situations for adrenaline enthusiasts cannot be missed.


The locals called it Krasa, but with the passing of time it was renamed Banana, because many nudists visit it. So it was divided into Mikri Banana (nudist beach) and Banana. In Banana there are two beach bars that are packed every day mostly by youth. And from here you cannot miss the abundant and green vegetation, the clear sea, as well as the enchanting sunset.

Agia Elenh

West of Skiathos and just above Mikri Banana, you will come across Aghia Eleni beach. A quiet and relaxing beach. There you can find sun loungers and umbrellas. The sea is crystal clear, but do not stay up late in the afternoon in the water, because the fish literally bite! It is worthwhile, however, to remain and face the sun setting into the magical landscape.

Krifi Ammos

This beach is literally “hidden”. It is located west of the island. Here you can find only one canteen as the beach is not organized, thus bringing out its natural beauty. It is a small and alternative beach worth visiting.