Greek summer sailing


Mountain or seaside? Halkidiki caters to every taste

Chrouso beach – Paliouri, Kassandra

Featuring a long stretch of sand and transparent shallow waters, Chrouso beach is a must-see for visitors of Kassandra peninsula. Rich vegetation provides shade during the daytime heat, and sunbeds and parasols are available for rent. You can also have a drink in the nearby beach bar and enjoy a couple of water sports.

Kavourotripes & Orange beach – Sarti, Sithonia

Turquoise waters, white rock hills permeated with greenery and soft sand are main features of this hidden paradise near Sarti. The beach can be accessed only on foot, but its huge advantage compared to other nearby beaches is that it’s much less crowded. Comprising of a couple of small coves, Kavourotripes beach should also be explored by a boat.

Posidi Lighthouse – Posidi, Kassandra

The name of the beach refers to a colonial style lighthouse, built in the 19th century. Posidi Lighthouse beach can be found at the southwestern tip of Kassandra, featuring a 2-kilometer long sandy beach and crystal clear waters. If you wish to spend some romantic moments at sunset, the beach is a perfect choice since it never gets crowded.

Karydi beach – Vourvourou, Sithonia

The most exotic beach of Sithonia will make you believe you somehow landed somewhere in the Caribbean Sea; only the palms are missing. The beach can be accessed by car and natural shade is plentiful. The soft white sand and turquoise waters are just marvelous, and to reach deeper waters you need to walk around 30 meters. Karydi beach is protected from the wind, and its waters are calm and warm.

Kryaritsi beach – Sykia, Sithonia

The easternmost beach of Sithonia is a combination of beautiful coastline with a rocky background, offering engaging sunrises over Mount Athos if you arrive early. Kryaritsi beach features yellow sand and gradual entry into deep turquoise waters and, except from a camping site on its southern part, the beach is free for visitors. You might wander a little to find this magnificent beach, but a couple of dead ends feature spectacular panoramic views.

Kallikratia beach – West Halkidiki

Probably the most beautiful beach of West Halkidiki, Kallikratia beach is easily accessed by disabled people, has lifeguard service and a bunch of water sports. Sunbeds and parasols for rent are available, as well as bars along the beach.

Alykes beach – Ammouliani

Awarded with the Blue Flag, Alykes beach of Ammouliani Island features exceptionally clear waters, white sand and numerous facilities. The beach is children friendly and its turquoise waters contrast with greenery that flanks this crescent moon shaped paradise.

Gerakini beach – Gerakini, Sithonia

Gerakini beach is a 6-kilometer long stretch of white sand, with lush greenery and pine forest dominating the surrounding hills. The beach facilities offer accommodation, breaks in its numerous taverns and bars, and even an abandoned mine at the end of the beach.

Trani Ammouda – Ormos Panagias, Sithonia

Trani Ammouda beach, also known as Livrochio beach, lacks vegetation (make sure to bring parasols) but makes up for it with its overall beauty. Facing Mount Athos on the opposite side of the bay, Trani Ammouda is the largest and among the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia. Soft white sand, turquoise waters and romantic ruins of a once tower make the beach irresistible and once you need a break from its beauty, pay a visit to nearby beach bars and stores.

Komitsa beach – Nea Roda, East Halkidiki

Komitsa beach consists of two exceptional beaches, one of which is organized and more crowded. The longer, non-organized beach, is perfect for solitude seekers. A turquoise infinity can be enjoyed from the white sand beach, with the view of dense vegetation of Mount Athos. You can find a children’ s playground and a beach bar on the organized beach.